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IFTTT Pro Offer

If you use any software automation, you would have come across this fantastic app called IFTTT. It stands for IF This, Then That. I have been using it for a while, to connect my Instagram posting to Twitter. So every time I post something on Instagram with a certain hashtag, that post gets posted automatically to Twitter. You can do more than that actually.

Recently the company came up with the Pro version and for a limited time only, you get to set your own price for the Pro version. Initially, it was for 1 year, afterwhich, the price goes up. Now, they have changed the promotion and the price you set (minimum US$1.99 per month) will be for life. They will honour the price indefinitely. Good news, right?

What are you waiting for? Get it now!

This special offer expires in 4 weeks, on Wednesday, October 7th.

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